Pianist and composer whose personality could be defined in a vigorous pianism of ingenious and sincere musicality. His experience as a musician compiles numerous events and his oeuvre includes solo piano and chamber music compositions, coupled with a wide variety of transcriptions.

His compositional style unifies different technical resources and artistic ideals that are drawn from classical music and jazz. The influence of chromaticism, dissonance, the use of complex chords and the arrangement of sections with an improvisational character are characteristic elements of his creation.

He won second prize at the Oskar Rieding International Competition for young performers and composers in Celje (Slovenia) in 2018. That same year "Le Prochain" was released, a short film directed by Raúl Herrera in which he collaborates as a pianist with works by JS Bach. The aforementioned production received recognition at various festivals, including a special mention in the US as "Best Dramatic Short Film" at the New York City Film Infest.

He began studying piano professionally with teacher Asmik Chakhalian at the age of 17 at the Katarina Gurska Superior Center and throughout his training and improvement he received classes from teachers such as Claudio Martínez-Mehner, Yuri Ananiev, Bruno Vlahek, Gustavo Díaz-Jerez, Eldar Nebolsin, Cesar Viana, and Lev Vinocour.

The teaching model that it uses is adapted depending on the student, but broadly speaking it is based on a deep exploration of the work through the dissection of the necessary elements to be able to reach the true essence of the musical image, with a refinement of the technique at the service of sound and the maximum possible naturalness. The main objective is to make the disciple think, since he as an artist must recognize himself and acquire a defined personality.

Since 2019 he is a piano and repertoire teacher at Enseñanza Musical Katarina Gurska and is currently also a pianist at Passionato Ensemble.


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